1967 Sunbeam Tiger

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Sunbeam Tiger Additional Information

Sunbeam Tiger Mk2 ex-Metropolitan Police Force (1967).

There were only 536 Mk2 Sunbeam Tigers built in total, and officially there were no right hand drive home market cars available. However, 12 RHD examples were made : 2 press cars, 4 dealer demonstrator cars, and 6 Metropolitan Police Cars. The Mk2 was rather different from the 1st series of Tigers. Most importantly, it had the 289ci V8 engine as used in the AC Cobra, Ford GT40 and Mustang. The suspension and steering were improved, and it had an egg crate style grill.

The example we are offering is one of these 6 ex-Metropolitan Police Cars. Delivered new on 08.06.1967 to the Police Force at Wembley, London, wearing the NYL558E registration. The Tiger was used as high speed pursuit car on the northern roads of Greater London. After two years and 64.488 miles, NYL was decommissioned on 17.10.1969 and sold at auction. The car had 4 owners since, and a complete rebuild in 1986.

It is still in fantastic condition and incredibly well documented. Even the original Rootes owners handbook and Roadcraft Police Drivers Manual are still with the car. MOT's are going back as far as 1979, and many period pictures and a photographic record of the rebuild are also in the documentation file. The car is just completely serviced, and ready for daily use. Driving this Tiger is quite an experience. The powerful V8 engine propels the car to illegal speeds within seconds, all accompanied with an astonishing soundtrack. A proper wolf in sheep's clothing.

From a collectors point of view, this is quite an interesting car as well. Only 6 Mk2 Tigers were made for the Police Force, and this car is so well documented and in such great condition that we dare to call this a unique opportunity. Apart from its rarity, this Sunbeam is also a real pleasure to drive.

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